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Benefits of an AHA Peel

SKIN FACTS: 90% of woman are concerned with signs of ageing 62% of woman are concerned with hyper pigmentation 32% of woman are concerned with post inflammatory hyper pigmentation 49% of woman are concerned with a dull, dehydrated complexion, or with the appearance of large pores on their skin.


Our Skin Solution

Introducing our newest innovation

-Professional strength RESURFACING PEEL with 26% AHA's

-Retail Strength RESURFACING PEEL with 22% AHA's


Benefits of our AHA Resurfacing Peel

-Smoothed texture

-Increased hydration

-Reduced post inflammatory hyper pigmentation

-Increased penetration of active ingredients

-Reduced hyper pigmentation

-Tightened pores

-Intense luminosity

-Increased skin cell renewal

-Reduces fine lines & wrinkle depth


Key Ingrediants in the Ella Bache Resurfacing Peel

Apple Vinegar

refines the skin texture, pore-refining & purifies the epidermis.

3 Hydroxy Acids

(Malic-Lactic-Citric acids obtained from apple, cane sugar & citrus fruits fermentation) :

Intense exfoliation, smoothes and refines the skin texture, promotes skin renewal & clarifies the complexion.

Green Tea

Anti-oxidant, soothes the skin from heat sensation linked to the acids actions.


Humectant that captures water & moisture. Very calming on the skin.


To experience this amazing new innovation book a treatment today at Ella Bache Hamilton at Portside.

Online booking is available at www.hamilton.ellabache.com.au

If you would like to purchase the retail Resurfacing Peel feel free to pop in anytime and talk to one of our lovely beauty therapists.

Ella Bache Hamilton at Portside

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