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Detox Aromatique

Prevent & Remove Blackheads

Blackheads A comedo is a clogged hair follicle (pore) in the skin. Keratin (skin debris) combines with oil to block the follicle. A comedo can be open (blackhead) or closed by skin (whitehead), and occur with or without acne present. Our highly trained skin therapists at Ella Baché Hamilton at Portside can help get you on a skincare solution program to suit your individual needs. We can help you remove and prevent blackheads and congestion whilst maintaining optimum skin health.


Ella Baché Hamilton at Portside's Recommended Treatments for Blackheads. 


Aromatique Detoxifying Facial Treatment- 75min- $129

This facial treatment provides an intensive purifying and correcting effect that reduces inflammations and blemishes from excess sebum production, detoxifies, cleanses and heals the skin.

Deep Cleansing Express Facial- 45min- $75

A deep exfoliating and cleansing facial to refine skin, unclog pores and brighten complexion.



Ella Baché Hamilton's Favourite Blackhead products

Purifying Starter Kit $69

Holistic Purifying solution to regulate oil flow, reduce dead cells, prevent scare and hydrate.

Savon Crème $40

A finely textured deep cleansing exfoliant that gently unclogs pores leaving skin ultra-fresh and ultra-clean. Recommended to help prevent the formation of blackheads.

Detox Aromatique Extra Purifying Corrector Cream $79

This dual acting serum works on a cellular level to clean up and reduce the over secreation of sebum, by reducing excess oil and sebum; to soothe and clear blemished, shiny skin. 

Masque Fruits $59

A purifying, skin refining mask with fruit extracts that helps refine pores to leave skin feeling wonderfully clean, refreshed and strengthened. Recommended for normal to oily and oily skin